Wechat Digest 001 – Excerpts of Top Hits

A new column will be launched today on Cnspoon called “wechat digest”. This will be dedicated to show excerpts of wechat articles with most views on the platform. Hopefully it can help with your research, investment or business decisions on China. Thank you.

Topline: Snow in Guangzhou, a beautiful coincidence

Hits: 391k

Source: CCTV


Everyone knows winter is coming, but snow in Guangzhou? Come on, the last time Guangzhou recorded a snow was in 1967. This is by far the coldest winter recorded in Guangdong province, as well as Hong Kong. No wonder people love Stark family’s motto “winter is coming”.

Surprise: Guess which car sells the most in China in 2015?

Hits: 1.18 million

Source: wechat roadmap

SAIC’s Wuling Hongguang (五菱宏光) Brand. Its sales volume reached 655k cars in 2015. It has been the choice of a frugal domestic enterprise for quite a while.


Finance: China strikes back- the anti-short battle


Source: Mr. Huang reads finance

Excerpt:”Mr. Soros is as cunning as a fox and his actual focus is on H-shares rather on the HKD. I hope the government and HKSAR keeps an eye on that…this is an extremely evil investor in his 80s together with some sophisticated short-focuses hedge funds, fighting against a strong economy, but is slowing down. This is definitely a fierce battle.”

E-commerce: Mr. Vice President wears a pair of Taobao shoe, which cost 133 RMB.

Hits: 52k

Source: E-commerce insights

“Without Taobao, it will probably cost me more than 10 times this price. What a bargain!”


High School Textbooks: A must-read bible for Chinese netizens to fight for dignity on Facebook

Hits: 164k

Source: Liushen Leilei (六神磊磊)

“Recently, about 20 million “kungfu artists” gather together and march on Facebook for China’s dignity (alluding to the event of numerous Chinese netizens choose to protest against Taiwan media),  coming from baidu’s famous bbs-“tieba”. All the phrases and expressions they used came from three books – high school Chinese textbook, history textbook and politics textbook…the only one who remembers these stuffs are those who didn’t study well during their high school years – they are memorising these expressions like a chant or a omen.”






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